Studio Vulpes is a full service production house and offers a variety of services through all phases of production from pre-production to post.

We offer a complete 4K production process from production to post, utilizing RED Digital Cinema cameras and their RAW format to offer you the best image.

Studio Vulpes can manage all aspects of your production from producing, directing, offering a director of photography, grip and electric, sound, production design, hair and makeup, and other production staff including production assistants. We have a network of professionals, so we can staff and produce your production regardless of size or scope.

Editing and Post Production Effects
With the Adobe suite, Studio Vulpes can offer you an integrated RED R3D workflow through the entire post process. Vulpes supports both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut for editing and offers Adobe After Effects for compositing, motion graphics and titles, and other special effects.

Color Grading
Projects are color graded using Davinci Resolve and transcoded to the required delivery formats.

DVD, Blu-Ray Authoring, and Digital Formats
Vulpes offers DVD authoring and can offer you features such as menu design, multiple language or audio tracks, and subtitle tracks. Projects are also available in stunning high definition format via Blu-Ray. Short runs are available in house with available disc printing and choice of packaging. Large runs can be arranged with various finishing including disc printing and choice of case or sleeve.

We can also prepare your project for digital distribution for formats such as H264, and we can assist with decisions regarding video hosting.